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LED Desk Lamp (Rechargeable) with Pen Holder

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Rs.1,890.00 PKR
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Rs.1,890.00 PKR

  • Pen holder+mobile phone bracket.

  • Put the pens, pencils, erasers stationery and other school suppliers into the pen holder

  • Adjust the lighting angle you need.

  • Up and down adjustment range is 150 degrees.

  • Left and right adjustment range of lamp holder is 60 degrees.


  • Stepless Dimming: Long touch for the control, it enters infinite brightness modes, You can choose your favorite brightness.

  • Color Coversion: This eye-protecting led desk lamp provide 3 colors temperature(Yellow/Warm White/White) for works(office), reading(study),relaxation(bedroom) and more.

  • 360 Degree Free Twisted Tube: Free twisted tube of this portable LED desk lamp can be bend at any angle, allows you to adjust your table lamp with ease and to direct the light wherever you want.It is small and lightweight, which means you can carry it easily wherever you go. Suitable for college dorm,bedroom and office reading.

  • Round Pen holder: it can be not only used for convenient storage and but also used as the mobile phone bracket.